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US Modular Goretex Sleep Bag System MSS Complete 4 part (Rated -40F)

Product Review (submitted on July 18, 2007):
With the change to the ACU pattern, the old woodland are now obsolete, hence there will be a large influx of the old style bags on the market. Additionally, not everyone who posts here is ex military, so they might not be automatically familiar with the system
Roomy, not a lot of Fill. It has a right hand zip. The draft guard is a strip of nylon strap material with some nylon ticking with a little fill on the back. Zippers are heavy duty, with the little pull cords for easy handling
zipper opens to about 2/3 of the way down. Velcro closure to keep the zipper from pulling open accidently

Heavier fill, nice box for the feet. Zipper/snap system is the same, but with the blank on the inside and the male part outside, it’s easier to snap. There is a joke of a draft collar, it covers half of the front panel, but better then nothing. It has a small draft tube like commericial models, but it’s half the size of something you’d find in North Face. Sizewise, it was (unsurprisingly) tighter then the green bag. Slightly roomier then most commerical bags I’ve tried. Lengthwise, all three were more then large enough for my 6’2”. If I were seriously camping, I’d bring this bag and the bivvy.

Its goretex. Its a bag. It has snaps and a zipper. The top flap goes all the way up.
Putting all three together, it’s a bit of a chore. Three zippers and the flap snaps of the bivvy to seal.
This is where those cloth extentions on the zipper really come in their own. You need them unless you want to spend 10 minutes zipping and sealing the bag.

With all three mated together, one wonders if they NEED a draft collar!

Stuff it!
There is nylon on the standard flap on top to keep out water. It also has a bunch of cinch straps (3) and compression straps (6). Without working it for 5 minutes, I was able to get this thing small enough in diameter to fit.

The Bottom Line:
I expected both bags to be 3 season bags. The patrol bag seems like a two season bag. The black bag seems like a pretty standard 20 or 30 degree bag, maybe a bit heavier then compared to commercial bags.
I dont feel my money is wasted. With all the components, I am almost certain it’s a 4 season bag, at least in Ohio.
The Bivvy is a pricey item all by itself. Were I only buying for myself, I was conflicted as to whether I’d have gone commerical. I’m reasonably happy with the bag, but I haven’t had to ruck it around along the AT, so I can’t say for certain. I understand that most of today’s army is Mechanized Infantry.
It’s rating is adequate as described. But don’t trust the -40 degree thing worth a lick, but I’m not mounting Everest.

If I was looking for a cheap and warm bag, I'd shop piecemeal and get the black bag and the bivvy. You can probably get both for around $80, which is better then closeout prices on most sleeping bags. The only problem is you probably won't find it new.