Vintage 5.3 Gal / 20L NATO Jerry Can Germany Military Steel Oil/Fuel Can

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Vintage 5.3 Gal / 20L NATO Jerry Can Germany Military Steel Oil/Fuel Can

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Fill Up Anytime
Military Jerry Can
No Leaks No Fumes
Portable Design

Material: 1.0 millimeter cold rolled steel, ultra durable.
Liner: Epoxy resin liner to shed fuel
Brand: German Military, Vintage
Capacity: 5.3 gallons (20 liters)
Dimensions: 18.5 x 14 x 6.5 inches
Weight: 9 lb 7 oz (4.3 kg)
Suitable for: Gasoline, Diesel Oil, Kerosene



German NATO Jerry Can 5.3 Gal(20L)  Steel - Vintage


Made for the Military with Superior Materials and Workmanship

Authentic! NATO military quality and spacious 5.3 gallon capacity, this steel fuel tank is perfect for storing gasoline, diesel, oil, or kerosene. No matter where your adventures take you - be it road trips, camping trips, boating, or motor racing - you can rest assured that you have enough fuel to keep you going.

The unique wide channel internal breather tube and smooth pouring spout ensure a spill-free and effortless refueling experience. Moreover, the three handles make it easy to carry, and two people can lift it comfortably when refueling. Unlike plastic fuel cans, our steel tank guarantees superior safety and protection during transportation.

Worried about internal rust or fuel leakage? We have you covered! The airtight sealing lock, consisting of a unique cap and lever seal, prevents air from escaping, ensuring that your fuel remains securely contained. Additionally, the smooth epoxy resin liner not only prevents rust but also provides a non-reactive surface, reducing cross-contamination when switching between different fuel or oil types.

Don't let fuel limitations hold you back! Invest in the reliability and durability of our Steel Fuel Tank today, and embark on your journeys with confidence. Say yes to limitless exploration and fueling convenience.

English (German)
Lead gasoline normal (Bleibenzin normal)
Unleaded petrol (Benzin bleifrel)
Super leaded gasoline (Bleibenzin super)
Diesel fuel (Dieseltreibstoff)
Oil (Petrol)

Additional Information

Additional Information

Condition Used, Very Good
Manufacturer Federal Defence Forces of Germany-Bundeswehr
Country of Origin Germany

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